Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SPAStic: Why Ads with Swimwear?

IN THE local newspaper that comes every Sunday morning there’s a host of advertisements for pool and recreation companies.  One national warehouse chain is usually touting a sale on some model of spa or another.  Jacuzzi, Hot Spring, Sundance, and others tout the benefits of “hydrotherapy,” relaxation, massage, and the solitude that time in their tubs will bring.

The makers of these whirlpools usually offer quality family time as a plus of purchasing their products.  We see mom, dad, Johnnie, and Suzie soaking it up among the bubbles.  Sometimes we even see a grandmother or grandfather figure in there.  But you know what we always see too?  SWIMSUITS.  There are always straps showing on the shoulders of the ladies in the water.  The men inevitably wear brightly colored swim trunks so that there’s NO doubt they’re SUITably clothed beneath the surface.

The Bare Platypus team asks, If YOU had just spent $5,000 or more on a new hot tub for your backyard would YOU wear swim trunks in it?  When we have asked even non-nudists this question, they usually reply that if they were enjoying a private soak in their own basin they would do so au naturale.   And yet, week after week the advertisements come and go, but the swimsuits on the models remain.
We are not suggesting that readers should see a full-frontal display of nudity in these advertisements.  We’re just wondering why they couldn’t leave the straps off the ladies’ swimwear, leave the trunks off the men, but let the bubbles in the water keep things discreet.  Maybe sit a kid’s bare bum on the edge of the tub once in a while to denote that you can finally skinny dip if you buy your own tub?

Swimsuits to sell spas? We don’t get it. But maybe the Madison Avenue advertising companies know something we don’t.

5/2/12  Update:  We neglected to provide an example of what we're talking about, so here's one from Recreational Factory Warehouse .  Example #2 comes from Hot Spring spas.  Let the animation script play and you'll see multiple pics demonstrating the point.  

9/2/13 Update: In today's blog we talk about finding one spa installation company that "gets" naked. click here