Monday, May 14, 2012

NUDIST Senator; NUDIST Supreme Court Justice

OKAY, WE’LL admit that we have lured readers in with today’s headline and done so under false pretenses.  But let us explain.

This week Newsweek magazine ran a cover story calling Barak Obama "The First GAY President" . (Don't believe us? Please click the link and look at their cover for yourself.) The "logic" of author Andrew Sullivan is that, since President Obama has come to understand (identify with?) those seeking to legalize gay marriage, and given his willingness to advance that cause, it is somehow proper to label him a “gay president.”  With near glee, talk radio stations today were repeatedly referring to our "gay president" too.

Applying Newsweek magazine’s illogical standards of labeling, we can now announce that US Senator Patrick Leahy is "Our First Nudist Senator”. After all, he once wrote a legal memorandum as a State’s Attorney in Vermont explaining that simple skinny dipping is not a crime in that state.

Likewise, applying Newsweek’s twisted labels, U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Brennan must be "Our First Nudist Supreme Court Justice."  Brennan once quoted a friend of the court brief written by Robert Page---General Counsel to the American Sunbathing Association---while writing a dissenting opinion in a court case (Massachusetts v. Oakes).  Brennan was sympathetic to the nudists’ argument.

Come to think of it, since the editors of this blog think Platypusses are neat animals that deserve wildlife protection, you may nowrightfully call us an actual Platypus too!
Platypus Note:  This blog expresses no view on gay marriage.  We simply think Newsweek's decision to label our president "gay" makes no sense whatsoever.