Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BARE Naked Award: “The Walter”

BARE PLATYPUS is very proud to announce our latest blog development: The Walter awards. 

The Walter is named in honor of Dr. Walter Bishop, the genius-crazed scientist on the hit TV series, Fringe.  As you will see in this film clip about Naked Tuesday on Youtube , Dr. Walter brings a matter-of-fact approach to nudity to the small screen that is both humorous---without mockery---and non-sexual.

We will present a Walter each week to a person, celebrity, or story that most depicts nudity as a positive or everyday aspect of life.  We will announce The Walter on “Naked Tuesdays” in honor of his signature scene (linked above). This one’s for you, sir. 

There’s a life lesson for the rest of us in this:  Cook naked on Tuesdays!