Thursday, May 10, 2012

Platypus Rex

IF THE Platypus was king, nudity would be legal. Anywhere.

Not required, you understand.  Just legal.
Oh, people who don’t like “naked” could still have their way where it suited them. Private homeowner associations could ban nudity like some of them ban the display of the American flag. (Frankly, we don’t understand anyone who wants to ban either nudity or the flag but… Oh, well.)

We’re just talking about the beaches, parks, sidewalks, and thousands of other places funded by all our tax dollars. Imagine that. Being an owner of something and being treated like an owner!
Driving naked? What’s the problem? Picnics in the buff? No problem, either. Ditto for swimming holes and walking in a warm summer rain.

Becoming king and changing all laws prohibiting public nudity is on the Platypus “to do” list.  Right up there with winning the Publishers’ Clearing House sweepstakes and getting the cast of Jersey Shore to pet the nice rattlesnake.