Friday, May 25, 2012

Cottontail Season Begins!

IT’S HERE! Memorial Day Weekend… the traditional beginning of summer.  That means the traditional beginning of nudist weather and something else: “Cottontail Season.”

For the first couple of weekends, people traveling to nudist clubs and beaches---even long time nudists--- will be sporting the same tan lines as everyone else who has been wrapped up in clothes all winter and spring.  Club gates open, the clothes come off, and there are LOTS of white bare bums walking around! That is, until we’ve all picked up our golden all-over tans.

Bumper stickers may read “Happiness is NO Tan Lines” yet there’s a certain amount of joy in those first few days of a nudist summer too.  There’s the familiar drive… the anticipation driving up to the main office… stripping down and the first skinny dip.
If you happen to be on your way to a clothes-free venue, congratulations.  But even if you’re working this weekend you can still enjoy some naked time when you get home. Need to draw the drapes first? Well, that’s okay too.  You’ll get your sun and lose the cottontail eventually. It’s summer after all.