Thursday, May 31, 2012

Practice for November… VOTE in Our Poll

MANY VISIT the Bare Platypus site without noticing that we’re conducting a poll of your favorite place(s) to be naked.  As you’ll see immediately to your right, there are four possible choices: (1) At Home and With Family; (2) A Nude Beach; (3) A Nudist Club; or (4) In Nature / Out on Trails. 

If none of those places describes your favorite, no worries! Feel free to type in “the moon,” “rock concert,” or whatever in the comments below.

Since we posted the question, nearly 300 people have cast a ballot. But a wise sage with lots of expertise in statistics once told us that an optimum sample size is 1000.  We’d like to have at least 500 votes before we attempt to draw meaningful lessons from what you tell us. 
Who knows? We may be able to prompt a nudist association or NASA with these findings.  At least it will make interesting conversation.