Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Minute in Nudist Sunday School

Platypus Note:  We celebrate that there are people who enjoy nudism from all walks of life, from every shape, size, country, age, and faith.  We recognize that there are some who subscribe to no faith at all and we see that rich diversity as a great thing.  At the same time, the Platypus Team has never been shy about acknowledging our personal Christian faith and heritage.  This post is primarily intended for our Christian brothers and sisters, though all are welcome…

SOMETIMES FELLOW Christians, who know us and also know that nudism is an integral part of our lives, ask how we reconcile our fondness for birthday suits with our commitment to follow scripture. 

Among the answers we provide to this sensitive question is referring believers to Hebrews 4:13, which reads,  And no creature is hidden from His sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” [ESV]   

We like this verse because it is not one of those that is more easily taken out of context (say, like a passage from the Old Testament meant to be applied to a specific worship ceremony).  It is a general life lesson and the lesson is this: No matter what we do, God IS watching and He knows why we do it in our hearts.  For this reason, we’re less fearful that God knows that we sunbathe naked (of COURSE HE DOES), than what He knows about us deep down... and for which we’ll have to answer to Him someday.

For example, churches love to put on church suppers.  Churches praise the people who help organize and put on church suppers.  Serve as an organizer of such suppers and it’s unlikely you’ll ever receive condemnation from the congregation about it.  And yet… What if the ONLY reason we provide such organization efforts is for the praise we’ll receive?  What if it’s JUST so that we can gorge ourselves on the buffet and leftovers like complete gluttons?  What if the supper is SIMPLY a convenient forum for us to ply our trade selling life insurance products to the people who "fellowship" with us? 
Get the idea?  Knowing that God knows everything about us is FAR more humbling to the Bare Platypus than being caught in our birthday suit on a beautiful day by a beautiful lake that is His creation.  Thanks to what His son Jesus Christ has done for us, we may be legitimately humbled and cautioned but we don’t have to fear.