Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our College Nudist Couple Revisited

LAST MONTH we reported on A College Student's First Nudist Experience  .  We explained in that post that one of the Bare Platypus “puggles” was raised a nudist since a baby, is now of college age, and invited the guy she’s dating for an evening trip to the local nudist club.  We finished by noting that the young man who had given nudism a try for the first time wanted to return.  We wrote that they were planning a trip back to the nudist club.  Yesterday was their day.

This time, no sooner had our young couple parked their car than our second-visit-guy was completely out of his clothes and wore no towel either.  He stayed completely naked during the entire visit.  This was a day trip so our couple could do more activities including holding a ping pong “tournament” that lasted the better part of an hour!  They swam, soaked in the hot tub, and had a picnic lunch on the lakefront beach suited to an undergraduate’s budget: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  The weather stayed sunny so they worked on their all over tans.

The two most significant developments to report came when it was time to leave after a great day.  First, he told our platypus “You’ve CONVERTED me!”  Second?  Our convert wanted to ride home naked! They didn’t because of some additional errands to run. But we understand how our young convert felt. 

We really do.

Update: Our college students return to the nudist club yet again... this time for a picnic with Ms. Platypus's family... in Threepeat .

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