Monday, April 30, 2012

Insist on This If you Wish to Resist Clothes

TIME SHARE sales and pitchmen aren’t as big these days as they once were. In their heyday we knew of a nudist with a great way of dealing with these high pressure salespeople.  Whenever our acquaintance received a letter or postcard in the mail offering some prize just for touring the latest facility he would visit and display genuine interest.  He would even listen to the extended talk about the investment potential of the condo in question and listen to the financing options available.  He rarely interrupted salespeople going through their spiel. 

Only when asked, “What do you think?” did our fellow nudist deliver the kicker: “Your place looks great, but I didn’t see any facilities for nude swimming and sunbathing.  If you have them, I would love to see them.  If not, I’m afraid this won’t do.”  This man noted that he never received a “yes, we have that” response, though he did get a lot of bewildered looks as he collected his door prizes.  “Had they ever had something for a nudist, I probably would have bought,” he confided.

As nudists who want to see more accommodations for nudists, there are some things that we can do to put the issue out to travel providers.  It doesn’t have to cost any money to put a thought into their heads:

  • When you stop at state welcome centers on interstate highways, ASK about the availability of nudist parks in the state you’re visiting.  Believe it or not, Bare Platypus team members have provided lists of nudist clubs to welcome center staff who have received inquiries in the past and want to be prepared.  Asking sends a message that nude tourism is important;

  • When you stay in a hotel or motel adjacent to a town with a nudist club, let the front desk know that the availability of the nudist club brought you to the area during check out.  Doing this creates allies for the nudist club within the local Chamber of Commerce;

  • Subscribe to some travel and tourism feeds on TWITTER.  At opportune times, answer questions such as “what would get you to plan travel here?” with a note about the importance of nude venues to you;

  • When you visit a nudist beach or park, make a point of letting the gas station where you fill your tank, and the restaurant where you fill your plate, know what brought them your business. 

Just think.  The folks you speak with will not know your name or "out" you as a nudist for bringing these subjects up.  But it will make a difference.