Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Want Transparency? Go Bare!

The other day one of the Platypus team noticed his fur was getting long.  So he went to a franchised hair salon.  He thought they would give him a haircut.  They really sat him in the barber’s chair for a twenty minute sales pitch for a bunch of products.  They pitched constantly, interrupted only by brief episodes of clicking scissors. “Platypuses may experience total fur loss unless they use our Franchise Shampoo, Franchise Conditioner, and Franchise Gel… available for purchase at the front counter.”

Our platypus paid for his trim but didn’t buy anything from the soap store masquerading as a cuttery.
“Transparency” is one of those corporate buzzwords in vogue. It’s supposed to be a quality of successful businesses, but most of the companies touting “transparency” demonstrate exactly the opposite in practice. There’s the “transparent” cell phone maker who would rather we not know about their exploited workers in another country.  There’s the “transparent” consumer electronics store that claims it sells cell phones, but makes its profit selling worthless extended warranties.
If people crave “transparency” they should go bare!  You can’t get more transparent than when you’re stripped of all clothing and all pretenses.  There are no padded Wonderbras and no flashy threads to convey status. Nothing but what God gave us all at birth, save for those with some silicone under their skin, perhaps.
The transparency goes beyond the obvious stripping away of our outer coverings, too.  It gets to what makes being naked fun. And that’s… well… getting to be naked in and of itself!  Take your clothes off in the privacy of your own home.  If it isn’t fun for you after giving bare a try for a while, just put your clothes back on.  No receipt required.

As far as the Bare Platypus goes, we really are all about getting you and your family to enjoy more naked in your day. That’s true even if you never leave home to enjoy your nakedness.  Our “hidden” agenda is simple. If you like naked, and your neighbor likes naked, maybe someday we can all hit the beaches and not have to wear uncomfortable fabrics to swim.

In future months we will be offering some eBooks for sale with some great ideas. But if you send us an email and tell us, “I wouldn’t buy an eBook, but my family and I are enjoying Bare Time more often after visiting your blog” we’ll be pleased with that. Really.
No. Really.