Saturday, April 14, 2012

Star Wars Fans: Think Amydala Skinny-Dipped?

Star Wars.  Episode 2. Queen Amydala returns to her home planet of Naboo.  She’s accompanied by a much older Anakin Skywalker, who serves as her security escort. They hide out from an assassination plot by staying at the Queen’s palatial country estate.

Dreamily looking out over open waters from her balcony, Amydala talks about swimming out to an island just offshore every day as a young girl.  And she mentions lying out in the sun on the sand with her friends.
Our Platypus question:  Do you think Amydala skinny-dipped in those days she so fondly recalls during that scene?

We say “yes.”  It’s the most logical explanation for why she had so much fun and why it was so special for her. Of course, we can’t prove it.
Unless George Lucas starts reading the Bare Platypus blog.