Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Google Drive and Nudists: Our Heads in the Cloud?

THESE DAYS it seems that whenever the Bare Platypus team wonders what the topic of the day should be, some news story from the online community hits and… Voila’! 
Today is no exception, as we learned that Google is launching Google Drive , an all new cloud app that lets users store 1 terabyte or more of documents, photos, music, etc. up on Google’s “cloud servers,” then pull it down and use it at virtually any time, anywhere there’s internet access. 

An extremely useful aspect of this cloud computing is the ability to send a link to someone on your work team who can click it and download an item without worrying about sending large files as attachments to emails, etc.

As with every great piece of technology being launched and offered free or cheap these days, nudists would do well to consider the drawbacks of putting too much of their lives “in the clouds.”  Yesterday we received a stark reminder when Facebook froze the account of AllNudist with no warning.  The reason? Someone or something flagged a post as obscene.

Admittedly, the Bare Platypus relies on the neat freebies that Google offers to deliver content to our blog followers.  We get free hosting space for text and illustrations that appear here, free html editing tools (remember the old days when everything had to be hand coded with <TAGS>?), and even free statistics on web traffic and sources. 

No nudist should ever forget that it could all change with a corporate policy decision that wipes out years of relationship-building, content development, and a subscriber base. That’s because nudists have always been in danger of offending government and corporate sensibilities. 


  • The essence of nudism is—or should be—that you don’t have to buy anything to enjoy it.  That doesn’t sit well with the people who want to sell you swimwear and other products; 
  • Nudists like to publish and peruse materials that depict the human body in its natural state.  That offends prudes on one end of the spectrum.  But pornographers on the other end don’t want people to have a natural view of the body either. People who do are less likely to whip out their credit card and pay to see silicone-enhanced models contorting in unnatural ways;
  • Nudists like the Bare Platypus believe that nudism is suitable and beneficial for people of ALL ages.  That really hits a hot button with a public and government ready to inflict draconian measures on anyone who would suggest that tykes be allowed to enjoy their birthday suits.
By all means, embrace technology our fellow nudists. Just never forget that what is in the cloud can be easily scanned and purged when it’s no longer considered politically correct.

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