Monday, April 9, 2012

IRS Tax the Shirt off Your Back? Go Nude!

Benjamin Franklin said that the only two sure things in life are death and taxes.  Perhaps it’s fitting that Franklin’s picture appears on the $100 bill when it takes so many of them to pay government.  So what can you do when taxes leave you bare?  Stay that way!

In fact, Mr. Franklin would probably agree.  He wrote in his diary that he usually would sit in his bedroom each morning completely nude for an hour or more, depending on the season.

There are several advantages of exercising your right to bare arms, legs, and everything else:

  • It will help you beat stress;
  • It doesn’t cost anything;
  • They don’t tax sunshine.

Nude beaches were especially popular in former communist bloc countries like East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and the former Yugoslavia.  In addition to eliminating the expense of bathing suits---something that citizens of said countries could ill afford---nude bathing was one form of expressing the desire to be free from government dictates.

So express yourself a little. Trade your 1040 for some SPF 40 and enjoy the sunshine of your back yard.