Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A College Student's First-Time Experience: Bare in the Evening Air at a Nudist Club

THE BARE Platypus Team is made up of nudists from several different ages and stages of life.  This includes college students.  One of our students has gone to nudist resorts with her family since she was an infant.

About eight months ago she began dating a great young man.  They have begun to share much of their lives together, including campus activities, a drama group, and attending a local church service.  So perhaps it was only a matter of time before she asked him to join her for a visit to the local nudist club.

Last night they made an early evening trip and you get to hear about it first-hand.

In these parts, weather turns warm in spring and the local club is open on weekdays.  After driving through the gate, they soon found themselves signing in at the front desk.  The registration clerk recognized our Platypus from many previous visits so the clerk abbreviated some of the orientation speech while the couple completed the customary registration forms. They then walked to a small lakeside beach that is on grounds. 

While still too cold for swimming in its unheated waters, the lake proved the perfect place to get started and our Platypus reports she joyfully removed all of her clothes.  Her boyfriend looked on, a bit taken by the uninhibited ease with which she could take everything off right there. He kept his shorts and t-shirt on. But he was clearly curious.  For a while they sat, alone, and talked on the beach. Then our first-timer excused himself to go to the restroom.

When he emerged he had ditched the t-shirt and shorts, wearing only a towel now.  He let the towel down to sit on it back at the beach and, later, when the couple went for a short paddle-boat ride.  Then it was time for their dinner reservation.  Sitting in the club’s restaurant enjoying a meal of barbeque ribs for two, they smiled at one another and he grinned from time to time as if to say, “I’m here in nothing but a towel and I’m having a great time.”

Our college couple fielded comments and questions from some fascinated folks at the neighboring tables: 

·         “How old are you both?” (Nineteen and in school.)

·         “What brings you to a nudist club?” (She’s been going to them since she was a baby.)

·         “What brings you to this resort?” (We go to college locally and this club is peaceful. Great for a first visit.)

·         “How’s the food? (Delicious)”

Over dinner he confided to her that he likes to walk around his apartment in the buff after a day of classes.  Soon a solo instrumentalist set up in the front of the room and began playing music as folks got up to dance.  With dinner finished, our couple joined in.

“I made him take the towel off to go dancing,” our Platypus reports with a grin.  “It’s a nudist resort, after all. Turns out, he really enjoyed dancing nude.”  She describes the music as a bit dated, however.  “My beau likes lots of sixties and seventies bands but we only recognized about four songs.”  [One of the songs they recognized was Louis Armstrong’s “It’s a wonderful world” from the 1960’s soundtrack of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner starring Sydney Poitier so we can believe the music was, indeed, from a distinctly different generation.] They were also the youngest people attending by far. “We were only about a third of their age but, of course, I’m kinda used to that by now,” she says with a consigned look.

They enjoyed a brief skinny-dip in the club’s heated pool before driving back to campus.  As they drove, our Platypus asked her mate what he thought of the whole experience. His first remark was that he thoroughly enjoyed it.  His second was that he thought it would be more difficult to take his clothes off than it turned out to be.

“We’re already planning to go on a Saturday next month,” she says.

- The Bare Platypus certifies that the foregoing account is a true and accurate report of a trip that took place just yesterday evening.

5/1/12  Update:  Our college couple did in fact return to the nudist club for a day trip.  Read about it in College Nudist Couple Revisited .

Update: Our couple returned yet again to meet the whole Platypus family for a day at the club in Threepeat .