Monday, March 12, 2012

Bare + Platypus = FUN

SAY THE word “platypus” out loud. 

Go on. Do it.
Maybe it’s the alliteration of the two p’s in the word. Maybe it’s thinking about the duck bill on the animal quacking out the name for itself. The word is just fun to say.  So is the word “puggles,” which we understand is used for baby platypuses.  Or is it platypi? If you want to say something sure to bring a smile to your face, repeat the phrase, “The platypus and its puggles prefer their natural habitat.”  Some words are just more fun than others.
Some activities are more fun than others too.  We think just being naked is one of those things that make life a little more enjoyable…. With some limits of course. Please don’t walk out to meet your kid's school bus bare.  Ditto when firing up the barbecue.. At least don an apron for that. 

Yet a lot of life just seem to go better with naked.  Try doing some housework in your birthday suit. Wash the dishes or the family dog . Cleanup’s a lot easier. It takes a little of the drudgery out of such routine chores too.

Of course, nudity makes relaxation and recreation more effective too:
  •  Reading a good book;
  •  Taking a short nap au naturale;
  •  Gardening in the privacy of a fenced back yard. 
Give any one of those nude activities a try and we at Bare Platypus bet it will bring a smile to your face.