Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Platypus Anonymous

SOME VISITORS to the Bare Platypus on Twitter, Facebook, and BlogSpot are wondering what we’ve got planned in the coming months.  Okay, we’ll tell you!.. Starting with “Platypus Anonymous.”

During our many years promoting nude travel, it seemed there were two ways to convey information about nude camps, clubs, resorts, and beaches.  The first way was to let those places tell their own story. Whether in travel directories, advertising, carefully crafted copy in nudist publications, brochures, or websites, such clubs controlled the release of information about them.  Nice picture of the hot tub. No information telling potential visitors that the tub’s usually out of service.
The second way was to allow public comments in letters to the editor, message boards, or with online feedback forums similar to the way people give it on sites like eBay.  These increased alternative viewpoints, but had their own set of drawbacks.  Competitors were tempted to post bad things about the competition. Those with personal disputes or “an axe to grind” would regularly post negative things as well, usually refusing to acknowledge any good in those for whom they held grudges. 

The net result with either approach is that they hinder the flow of accurate, quality information which travelers need to make decisions about where to spend vacation dollars.  Platypus aims to deal with those issues by recruiting objective people to serve as mystery guests, a/k/a “platypus anonymous” who later relay their experiences and observations to our readers.  There are no complimentary stays, freebies, or incentives to skew information. “Platypus Aanonymous” pay regular fares for admission, although they may be eligible for reimbursement of expenses that are not reduced for reporting the truth (for bad AND good). Some platypuses will be first-time visitors to a nude beach or venue. All visit without fanfare or advance notice.

Ultimately, we believe that objective reports, mixed with a dose of what the Bare Platypus know from their industry experience, will be information worth paying for.  That’s one key aspect of our business model.

Another aspect is providing quality, regularly-updated ebooks and guides on topics ranging from how to live better nude at home, getting started, the online world, relationships, nudity and family, plus nudity and faith.  These publications have been long in development. Each is sure to be worth the very modest cover price and  will leave readers waiting for the next title.

We’re not looking to make a quick buck off one-time customers. Instead, we plan to faithfully serve fellow platypuses for years to come.