Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Habitat!

IN ALL the years that members of the Bare Platypus team served the nude travel industry we were charged with one goal: getting people to go somewhere to get nude. 

The reason was quite simple, of course.  Hotel  stays, airline fares, admission fees, even restaurant sales at nude resorts paid for the advertising and membership renewals that paid our salaries.  Nothing wrong with that. In fact, some of the Platypus team’s best memories are from vacation trips taken to nude destinations along with loved ones. Some of our best friendships were forged in meetings at such locations too.
Yet all that promotion of nude travel overlooked a few things.  Some people are “home bodies” and don’t like to travel much. Others cannot afford it financially, or have health conditions that make travel difficult.  Still others have no problem with traveling, but they’re simply not comfortable with the idea of getting naked around other people outside of family.  Collectively, these people represent a huge segment of the U.S. population.

Bare Platypus doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with their reasons, either.  What's key, our team doesn’t  want the people described in the previous paragraph to miss out on how enjoyable life can be with a little more nudity and a little less clothing from time to time.  Even if it means never stepping off one’s own property, paying admission to a nudist venue, or buying a membership to something.
We genuinely believe that taking a trip to a nude beach or destination inhabited by other naked people has numerous joys and benefits.  Much of Bare Platypus will be devoted to helping people make the most out of nude vacations.

But imagine, for a moment, if people in our country embraced nudity more often even if we didn’t sell them a destination.  Imagine family swimming pools and slip n slides of skinny dippers.  Imagine fewer sales of pajamas and swimsuits and other unimportant articles of clothing made by people in Bangladesh at 40 cents a day’s pay. 

Imagine a culture of comfort about the simple human body. One that didn’t jam the talk shows for months discussing the horrors of airing a half second of a bare breast during a Super Bowl halftime show.  Imagine people feeling free to discuss their body with their doctor rather than, literally, dying from embarrassment because they didn’t want to talk about a bump they felt in their breast or scrotum.
If you never leave your natural habitat, but spend more time there in your natural state after visiting us at Bare Platypus regularly, we will surely have fulfilled a mission.