Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Hatch the Bare Platypus?

ON A recent episode of the hit television series Bones two forensic scientists discuss the platypus:

“If you had ever asked me to believe there was such a thing as a venomous, duck-billed, hairy mammal with a beaver-like tail and webbed feet I wouldn’t believe it,” says one. “And yet they ARE real” the other replies.
The team behind Bare Platypus have worked more than fifteen years in the nudist travel industry and heard all about what can and can’t be done:

“You can’t tell the public the good and bad about nude travel. If you do, they won’t try it.”

“Face it. You can’t really sell nudity without selling sex.”

“Adults-only! Families with kids don’t belong visiting nude beaches or venues.”

“You wouldn’t catch ME doing this, but if I can sell you a stay / membership / product… Oh, well…”

“There’s no point discussing how to live better nude in your own home. There’s no buck in it.”

So it goes. Well, we’ve worked a long time promoting nude life and travel. Please forgive us if we think differently. We genuinely would rather be naked than wear clothes. We believe you need accurate information to make informed decisions about the places you visit, and making a home that incorporates nude living.

“Platypus not platitudes.” We believe it’s a winning combination. Join us here regularly if you feel the same.