Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lessons from the Family Pet

Take a lesson from your family’s pet, or platypuses out in the wild.  Their message is the same.
Unless the temperature drops frightfully cold and you bundle your Chihuahua, your cat, or whatever, in a custom made pet sweater the animal is perfectly comfortable in its own fur. In fact, those who have actually tried to put a pet into one of those garments know that it often pulls and claws in an attempt to get rid of the thing. 

Now imagine a thoroughbred racehorse. You could put a horse blanket on it as the stable grooms do from time to time.  But you wouldn’t try to squeeze a magnificent prize-winner into a tutu. Or spandex.

So why are folks so obsessed with trying to clothe one of the most awesome creations of all with artificial fabrics like Dacron, nylon, orlon, and a bunch of other polyester-based stuff ending with the suffix “on?”  They should end such trade names with “off” (Dacroff, nyloff, orloff) because the first thing we think about doing when we have to wear the stuff is taking it off.

Toddlers know that often their bare skin feels best.  So do our four-legged friends. Indeed, even our Creator, during His Sermon on the Mount advised that we should quit obsessing so much about clothes and consider the lilies of the field which do not toil or spin, yet were clothed finer that Solomon in all his glory. 

Hmm… What will it be? Wisdom from the mouths and actions of babes, the Good Lord, AND our family pooches, which are such good judges of character?  Or chemical companies, textile manufacturers, and the garment districts who invented the sweat shop? 
The Platypus is going with the first group. Are you going with the Platypus?