Monday, May 28, 2012

Comics Bare-o-Meter Revisited

IT’S BEEN about two months since we first discussed nudity in the funny pages of the newspaper.  From then until now we have been monitoring about twenty different comics daily at the Arca Max site. We would give the amount of naked “coverage” a fair rating, although there hasn’t been a lot of bare skin in these "strips":

  • Today a character in Johnny Hart’s BC wants to go skinny dipping and asks the lifeguard if it’s okay;
  • Marvin had nearly a week dedicated to his failed campaign for president. The campaign stumbled after a scandal erupted over pictures of the baby naked on a fur rug taken by his dad surfaced on YouTube;
  • Marvin complained about having to wear clothes while his dog Bitsy can go about NAKED ;
  • Marvin also resorted to doffing his diaper so his mom would no longer have to change it;
  • Wren of Baby Blues witnessed a naked woman on TV but expressed little reaction as bare breasts simply mean food to a baby.

Well, that’s about it. The Bare Platypus anticipates we’ll see more birthday suits as summer begins but who knows?  Many of the “old guard” illustrators have passed away or retired. Those who have replaced them seem much more reluctant to put bare bottoms on their characters.

6/5/12 Update: If you're really ready to see a comic "strip," click on over to Nude Spo's Blog for a look at an "apocryphal" scene from For Better or For Worse.  Oh that it were real. But what a cute episode all the same! 

6/9/12 Update:  Today Jeremy Duncan of Zits was asked by his girlfriend to tell her what he saw as her "bare essence," stripped to her naked identity.  No skin shown, but Jeremy couldn't concentrate on the question with all the naked talk.

1/1/13 Update: Mojo Nude has a great picture from the nude beach planet featured on Futurama.

1/1/13 Update: Marvin is depicted as a naked new year baby wearing only a sash in the 12/30/12 'strip.'  On December 16 he runs away bare bottom from mom and the diaper she's wielding.