Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make Your Second Home a Nudist Retreat

THIS WEEK the Wall Street Journal carried a story about the growing number of couples who are buying vacation homes within a short drive of their regular abodes.  Instead of making long flights or drives to traditional venues like Florida or Las Vegas many travelers opt for places in their home states to save gas and time.  With home prices low, the time to buy may be right too.

Bare Platypuses have never had the means to build and furnish more than one habitat at a time so we don’t know about this phenomenon first-hand.  But IF you’re thinking about owning a second home close by, why not consider locating it within a nudist resort OR optimize your retreat for naked time?

There are more than one hundred Nudist Facilities listed throughout the United States and Canada.  Many of these lease space for mobile homes and cottages.  They run the gamut from rustic to luxurious and everything in between.  Some are family-oriented, some are getaways for couples.  Depending on weather conditions they may be open all year or seasonal.

If solitude is your thing, why not get a vacation home that is either secluded enough to walk the grounds bare OR easily fenced to give you the privacy you need.  You may regularly live in a city high-rise, but you could then withdraw to a quiet naked place with just the right landscaping to add to the seclusion.  What’s more, by locating a resting roost that is off the beaten track, you may save enough money to pay for a hot tub or pool.

Make it a ritual to stay bare when you visit your vacation home.  Decorate it with framed nude prints.  The sky’s the limit when an open sky and a little privacy are all you need. 

What if you can’t afford to buy a second home of your own for a nudist getaway? Make friends with someone who can!