Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome to Non Nudists Who Visit The Platypus!

In reviewing the current tally on our poll, "When did you become a nudist?" we note that several people have answered, "I'm not a nudist... Yet!"

We think it's great that non-nudists come by The Platypus from time to time.  We hope we can provide them with answers about why we do what we do.  We hope they'll join us... or at least enjoy their birthday suits more often... after reading our stuff.

There comes a point when one has been a nudist so long that one forgets the reasons, misgivings,  and questions that once held us back. That's why we hope to learn from our clothes oriented visitors.  You give us perspective and make us better advocates in the process.  So thanks!

We're unlikely to have serious disagreements with those who prefer clothes as long as they can respect that we and our families are free to prefer nudity in our homes, private backyards, and some beaches and public lands under circumstances where we show respect for others. We think  that if you're visiting us here, it's likely you already believe those things.  So welcome!