Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Discussing Last Year's Poll Results

Beginning in the Spring of 2012, we asked Bare Platypus readers the following question:

"Where's your favorite place to go nude?"

From the time the poll was first posted until December 31, 2012, 308 people voted.  Here's how they answered:

Home and With Family = 80 votes / 25%

Nude Beach = 73 votes / 23%

Nudist Club = 68 votes / 22%

Out in Nature / Trails = 87 votes / 28 %
These results are typical of the approximate percentages throughout the history of the poll.  And we think they make an interesting point.  Being naked at home (about the house and in the back yard?) and with family, as well as simply being naked in nature out on trails, were the two categories that received the most votes.
Yet what do traditional nudist organizations and publications dedicate themselves to promoting? Visits to nudist club and nude beaches!  It is very rare that nudity within the home and family gets discussed.  Nude hiking gets similarly short shrift.  Maybe it's because there isn't much money to be made from simply encouraging people to be naked in their own homes.  Maybe it's because nude hiking isn't available in many locations within the U.S.
We here at the Bare Platypus can't think of a better place to enjoy being bare than in your own home... even if you never shuck your clothes anywhere else.  And hiking au naturel in secluded spots? That's pretty cool too. Expect more "coverage" of both topics in 2013 right here.