Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slate Magazine: Topless Rich n Famous

Here's an article published in online's Slate magazine in which they answer the question, Why do the rich and famous always go topless?  Within the piece, the authors speculate that it's mainly a matter of (1) the rich and famous are the ones we know about because paparazzi follow them; (2) they travel to places like the South of France where topless is customary.  A bunch of the history of fashion stuff dating to the 13th century is also thrown into the Slate article.

Our Platypus question would be, "Why doesn't everyone go naked more often?"  You don't need to be rich, or famous, to do it.  It is very enjoyable.  It's a great equalizer.  Our current poll shows folks discover the joys of nudity in childhood, college years, and later adulthood.  So come on. You know you'd like to go naked.  Go naked. 

Ah, without the paparazzi of course.