Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Acts of Nakedness

One of the things that struck Bare Platypus upon hearing the news of the tragic shooting of schoolchildren in Connecticut last month was the name of their elementary school. Sandy Hook also happens to be the name of a famous nude beach in New Jersey on the Gateway National Seashore.  Forever, in the minds of many, the words "Sandy Hook" would now be associated with sorrow and memories of lives cut too short rather than a happy beach with people frolicking in their birthday suits.

That got the Platypus thinking... What if, instead of mass calamity, the world became subject to random, mass, acts of nakedness more often?  Imagine the headlines: "Twenty-five naked in college incident."  Or "Lone naked man convinces 12 to strip off at restaurant."  "Disgruntled worker walks off job naked."  It's silly, but it would save lives.  Laundry bills too.

Without getting too cliche, can we admit that today's society seems to glorify (or at least publicize) violence a lot more than it does the human body? We're not trying to jump into the gun control debate on one side or the other.  But we wish we saw more bare butts than gun butts on the screen.

And in the headlines.