Tuesday, January 1, 2013

01/01/2013 Walter of the Week

Our January 1, 2013 Walter of the Week goes to... (drum roll please)...  2013. The Baby New Year!

There are a lot of reasons to make this award.  First, a new year offers lots of promise.  It's a time of new opportunities. It's also a time for making resolutions: to eat healthy; to exercise more, to spend more time in your birthday suit.

And, speaking of birthday suits, the New Year's Baby usually appears naked. Or bare bummed and sporting only a sash.  That makes his attire just perfect for celebrating Naked Tuesday.  Naked Tuesday is a tradition started by the character Walter Bishop of the hit TV show, Fringe.

"Born" on a Tuesday and born naked, could 2103 be more promising?  We don't think so.  To 2013 - this Walter's for you!