Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Nudist Fireworks Show at Turtle Lake Resort

TURTLE LAKE resort in Union City, Michigan probably deserves the title for hosting the best fireworks display of any nudist club... at least in North America.  Each year around Independence Day owner Mark Hammond plans and puts on a night time extravaganza so epic that even non-nudists pull up chairs along the lakeshore and nearby golf course so they can get a great view of the skies. 

Hammond, who holds the requisite pyrotechnical licensing to offer the big sky-splitting calibers to his audiences, doesn't disappoint.  He has, however, taken some licks from a few "duds" that weren't duds, or things that went "bang" before they were supposed to do so. 

If Platypus readers know of other great fireworks entertainment in nudist clubs, let us know in the comments to this blog. What better way is there to celebrate the birthday of our country than in our birthday suits?