Sunday, July 1, 2012

Be Careful: Naked Rampages Infecting Folks!

SEEMS THAT there's a lot of people shucking their clothes and attracting the attention of law enforcement these days.

First a guy went on a car jacking spree while bare-bottom.  He trashed a Porche and a Prius in the process: Carjacker .

Next we have the naked Hoosier, who used "spice," a synthetic form of canibis, before doing naked karate kicks while immune to police stun guns: incense-induced-rampage-caught-video .

None of this is good for advancing nudism, of course.  But it's always interesting to note how people tend to exclaim that there's a NAKED person who happens to be carjacking and trashing autos, or a NAKED man making menacing karate moves....  Shouldn't the car jacking or karate thing be more important than the attire?