Friday, June 29, 2012

No Sunscreen Allowed! Really???

ABC NEWS reported a story yesterday that's just unbelievable .  It seems a mom in Washington state sent her daughters to a school field day, along with pack lunches and sunscreen that the girls could apply over the course of the day.  Their skin is very fair. One suffers from albinism. They burn easily.

But school officials refused to allow the girls to put on sunscreen (or to provide an alternate) because it is considered a form of "medication."  Without a doctor's note in writing it would be strictly against the rules to let them "self medicate" during school hours.  The result? The kids got sunburned! Badly!

The story has exposed the fact that, indeed, most school systems ban use of sunscreen unless it's under a doctor's orders.  There's even talk that some summer camps do the same.

If your children were to attend a Kids Nudist Summer Camp during the season you can bet on one thing: they would at least be allowed to use sunscreen!