Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why did the Platypus Cross the Road?...

...  IN SOLIDARITY with our web-footed sisters and brothers, who crossed in solidarity with their chicken sisters and brothers.

...  Nudist resort on the other side.

...  Platypuses seek out cars to run over their tails.  How else do you think they get them so flat?

...  Duck bill platypus?  We thought you said "truck grill platypus!" 

... Out driving naked when the car broke down.

...  To avoid the Giant Mastadon at the Bare (Bay) to Breakers run last week in 'Frisco.

...  There was a lawyer on this side of the road and a pit filled with hazardous waste on the other side.

...  There was a lawyer and a pit filled with hazardous waste on the other side but a student loan officer on this side.

...  Why else? To get a better pic of the naked woman covered in blue food coloring at last year's World Naked Bike Ride.

...  To change a light bulb in the bar. (His life is a joke.)

...  To join the "Occupy Platypus Street" demonstration.

...  Well, he had just left the pharmacy after picking up a prescription for that new drug that causes your "anatomy" to triple in size after just a few weeks and... Say, you're probably not interested in knowing about why he crossed a road at this point are you?