Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/10/12 Week’s Walter Award Goes to…

SOME WEEKS the choice for our Walter Award---which is named for Dr. Walter Bishop of the hit television series Fringe and announced each Tuesday in homage to his “cook naked on Tuesday” philosophy---comes so naturally.  This was one of those weeks!

We simply must recognize Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda of The Today Show for answering the questions, “Is sleeping naked normal?” and “Is skinny-dipping normal?” with an emphatic 'Yes!"  The women provided those answers while playing a few rounds from a new game show that polls the general public on what’s normal, and then challenges contestants to match the results, like the Family Feud game show of old. (The poll found a majority of those surveyed didn’t think sleeping starkers is normal, but what are you gonna do?)

The Walter Award also recognizes Kathy Lee and Hoda for saying some very positive things about nudity when they opened a Nakation-in-a-Box live on the air some years ago.  They actually held up copies of nudist park guides, Nakation towels, temp tattoos and sunblock while conceding that the whole idea sounded fun.  Hoda also relayed her experiences on a nude beach while visiting Europe as a college student.

For answers that embody the true spirit of Dr. Bishop, we wish you this Walter ladies!