Friday, June 22, 2012

Breast Cancer Survivor Allowed to Swim Topless

ONE BIG story appearing in news media this week concerns a woman who underwent a double mastectomy, overcame breast cancer, then couldn't get a swimsuit to fit right.  It's about a Seattle, Washington parks and recreation pool which, at first, refused to allow this woman to swim topless.

Most importantly it's about a system that reconsidered, changed its mind, and did the right thing.  We invite you to read News Accounts .

Now that we accept that a woman can swim topless when her breasts have been removed during life-saving surgery, will we take the next step and let our young daughters without developed breasts swim topless too?  Ultimately, will we realize that breasts are not sexual objects---or at least do not have to be---on any female?

We can only hope!