Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleeping Naked Is… Normal!

BARE PLATYPUS is not too proud to shamelessly jump on a trendy story about nudity and ham it up for all it’s worth in search engine traffic.  Alas, this week’s story about Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda of Today Show fame is too good to pass up.

If you hadn’t heard, Kathy Lee and Hoda were playing a bit of an on-air game based upon answering questions from a new game show.  The show polls an audience about what’s considered “normal” and contestants have to guess what is and isn’t a la’ the Family Feud show from days gone by.  The women were asked, “Is skinny dipping normal?” “Is sleeping naked normal?”  To their credit, they answered “YES” to both questions (and we whole-heartily agree with Kathy Lee and Hoda about that).

For some reason, however, the survey of attitudes had a majority of those polled saying “not normal” to nude sleeping. (Swimming in the buff got the okay.  You can  read more by clicking a link to  Sleeping Naked is Normal on The Today Show .)

We don’t know where they surveyed the poor folks who said sleeping starkers is strange, but we feel bad for them.  They’re really missing out on a special way to spend a third of your life in more comfort. AND save money on laundering and purchasing pajamas for the family!  The Bare Platypus provides some GREAT tips for sleeping naked in a previous blog post .

Well, the good news is that Mrs. Gifford and Hoda have the RIGHT idea.  In fact, the pair once opened a complete nakation-in-a-box on the air and gave it a good reception.  So they score a wag of the flat Platypus tail from us.  Good going!

9/8/13 Update:  1 in 3 Brits Sleep Bare

9/27/13 Update: Dakota U "beditorial" suggestsSleeping Naked

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