Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taking a Minute to Say, “Thanks”

IN OUR last blog post we noted the many, many voices in the choir promoting a nude way of life.  We would like to spend this post recognizing a few of these voices who have been particularly helpful to the Platypus: – Allnudist has been treating visitors to their site and Facebook pages for years, as well as regularly publishing an E-newspaper cataloging nudist articles culled from many sources…including the Platypus at times.  The Platypus has served the nude travel industry for nearly 15 years and, in our opinion, AllNudist commands a very accurate understanding about the way things in the nudist community actually are (even if we wished some of it wasn’t true). There’s a good chance you came to us from one of AllNude’s links, but if you haven’t visited yet you should. – We were reading nudiarist often… long before starting the Platypus.  Chet, author of this site, also serves as a member of the public relations committee of  a national nudist organization.

Will Forest - Author, blogger, nudist.  This site is taking innovation to the next level.  Currently they’re working on a project to  host fellow nudist sites and blogs… a “home” where such sites will not have to fear censorship or sudden termination of service.  They have been most kind to the Platypus. -  This is a “Tumblr” site whose mainstay is nude / naturist photographs.  We appreciate their assistance in re-tweeting and linking to our Platypus posts. – NURBA’s mission is to get people to think outside the box about nudity.  As their name suggests, NURBA encourages nudity within urban settings and while doing everyday tasks, going beyond the cliché nakedness on the beach or in pools.

As weeks go by, we plan to regularly thank others in the naked blogging community.  We deeply appreciate all who help get the message out!