Friday, June 8, 2012

10,000 Voices in the Choir – Who’s in the Audience?

THE BARE Platypus is delighted to be reading posts, tweets, and websites from so many who tell the world they’re nudists and naturists.

We titled this post “10,000 voices” but, in reality, have no way of knowing how many people regularly share what nudism is to them.  We know the membership numbers of leading nudist organizations and have International Naturist Federation numbers also.  But this is different.  We’re talking about the people who regularly share their personal experiences online. 

These fellow bloggers and posters are amazing in the reliability with which they uncover and relay news of all that is happening within nudist circles and at various clubs.  If they were paid journalists writing daily columns it would amount to the equivalent of millions of dollars in payroll.

Our question: Do you think that the non-nudist community is listening?

Do non nudists stumble into our websites, forums, Twitter pages, and Facebook walls?  Do they become “converted” this way?  Or do fellow nudists who already identify with what we do simply go looking for others of like mind?  No doubt it is some percentage of both, but the question then becomes, “what percentage”? 

Put another way, do you think nudists are “born” or “made”?  Are we helping people who are already predisposed to trying nudism when they find us?  Or are we bringing a message that changes mindsets?

With so many people willing to share their stories why hasn’t more of the world become one big nude beach?

They say that a typical person receives thousands of messages within a single day from advertisers, news, music, etc.   Maybe 10,000 voices aren’t loud enough to overcome all those other messages.  Or maybe the world is changing and a viable nudist candidate running for US President is just around the corner.

Real philosophical stuff for a Friday Evening.