Thursday, June 28, 2012

Live Birth MRI OK, Breastfeed Pics Not?

THE INTERNET is such a strange place these days, with "rules" and "standards" that seem to change by the hour and make little sense to the Bare Platypus.

Today, for example, the front page of Google News carried a story about the first-ever live birth filmed in an MRI chamber .  With the chamber cam covering all "movement" it's very easy to tell that a live birth is taking place, and to view the exact moment that a fetus becomes a baby.  It seems this video has the potential to be a great educational tool for obstetricians-to-be, parents, etc. We have no problem with this filming and online posting if it promotes a greater understanding of the human body.

Our only question is, why does this video somehow pass the unwritten guidelines for useful instruction, when pictures (or video) of breastfeeding do not?  Why is video of a fetus passing through mom's birth canal "ok" while video of a toddler streaking naked along the beach is not okay? Or will Facebook eventually decide to suspend the account of anyone displaying the MRI birth on their Facebook page? 

Ah, well.  The complications of filming and displaying a live birth in an MRI provide one more reason for Platypuses to stick with laying eggs!