Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend Idea

Well, Halloween is two days past and Thanksgiving will soon be here. We'd like to give you an idea to think about. If you happen to get the day after turkey day off, then why not plan to spend it at home and spend it completely naked from the minute you wake until you turn back in for the night?

Now we know that some of you do those crazy black friday sales. And that others spend the day hanging lights and decorations, but hear us out for a minute. November is cold in many places but it is usually warm enough that you can still afford to crank up the heat in the house, or run an extra heater in at least one warm room.

You can set up a Christmas tree in the buff if it's stored in the attic instead of having to get a live one.   You can bake holiday cookies nakey, and you can write out holiday cards nakey too.

Take time to enjoy peace before the rest of the busy holiday season takes over.

Why write about this now? You will need to do some planning so that someone else doesn't set your Friday plans for you. So start working on your"Sorry.  Other plans" speech now so that you can enjoy nakey time about four weeks from now.