Friday, February 15, 2013

Consistently Nude With Purpose

This week the Platypuses were watching television.  While flipping through channels, we came across MTV and a show on the network featuring clips from YouTube videos.  That's not the main point of this blog post.

The point is that, something clicked that reminded us that the letters "M  T  and  V" once stood for Music Television.  And that the channel used to play music videos virtually all day long.  It's what the network was founded on.  But now there is no music.

At the Platypus we've noticed that there's occasionally a nudist club, organization, or group that seems to forget why it was created.  It's a beautiful day... but everyone is clothed... too busy working on the social event, fundraiser, project, etc. to be able to be naked.  The same goes for club newsletters and organization priorities.  With all the zeal to publish the latest recipes , or whatever else it may be, the publishers somehow forget that the reason we subscribe is to read about being naked, new places to get naked, and why we enjoy what we enjoy.

We're not suggesting being militaristic about such things.  Just encouraging a sense of purpose.

Forgetting the nude in nudist?  It's almost like leaving "music" out of "music television."