Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Got YOU to First Think About It?

Everyone has a story about how they got started in nudism and we never get tired of hearing their stories.

We also never tire of hearing about the earliest messages people saw and heard that first put the idea in their minds that it would be neat to try going around completely naked outside and around others.

For some it could have been a newspaper or magazine article.

For some it could have been the movie Blue Lagoon, where Christopher Adkins and Brooke Shields frolicked in their birthday suits on a tropical isle.  Or that Peter Sellers movie that has hom visiting a nudist club for laughs.

We recall an episode of the old Bob Newhardt show where one of his counseling patients planned to ho naked in the woods during a group therapy weekend.

We think such cultural epidodes help create interest in going bare. That's why we hope tv shows will still invlude the occasional nudist character.  It's why we care about othet aspects of pop culture too.