Saturday, January 25, 2014

Platypus Poll Results: Who Bares Most at Home

The results are in.  We asked you whether guys or gals are naked more at your home.  You told us.  So, drum roll please...

Husband / Men - 60.48% (280 votes);

Wife / Women - 7.78% (36 votes);

Son(s) / Boy(s) - 7.78% (36 votes);

Daughter(s) - 5.83% (27 votes);

It's about equal - 16.63% (77 votes);

Other - 2% ( 7 votes ).

Total votes cast: 463

Among those selecting "other," responses varied from"Only one there... mostly just me," to "Gay couple so just men but both are nudists full time ," another "I'm  single," plus "And the pets too!" One of the others said that hubby was "naked 2 / 3 of time and wife 1 / 3" while another said "husband and wife equal" and the last said "me / male."

Three people visited the poll on the Poll Daddy site itself and they posted comments to that site. Of those, two described having young sons who were always naked, stripping even just as they were about to go shopping or ditching their swimsuit when bathing in a neighbor's pool. We won 't count those in the final count because we don ' t know if they also voted here.

Finally, there was a Poll Daddy entry from a man describing that he and his twin sister "always slept nude from as long as I could remember" and that they passed each other naked in the hall of their home every morning going from their respective rooms to bathe without thinking anything of it.

Without even factoring those who cast votes as others, it's apparent that a clear majority of voters said the men of the household went naked their most.  From the time the ballots first started coming in, the number of those selecting "men" was always above 50 percent and the number soon rose to the 60% where it remained and never changed much.

When one adds in the sons / boys, a full 68% of the nudity within voter households tended to be from males. However, nearly one in six of voter households said there was about equal nudity.

So the gender gap among those who bare seems to hold true even at home. Yet with 32% of households reporting more or equal nudity among females, it's also clear that many ladies and their daughters bare too.

Within the Platypus household, the results of this poll seem to hold true. Mrs. Platypus and her female puggles do disrobe and they do enjoy visiting a nudist club with the family. They're just not naked as often as Mr.Platypus and sons.

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