Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skinny Dipping... Night and Day

Think about the first time you remember skinny dipping. Was it with someone else?  Who?  Now let us ask, "Was it day time or night time?"

Our recollection is that mixed-gender skinny dipping started out during our youth as a night time activity.  Maybe it's because we could only see silouettes of the girls and, therefore, they were willing to bare.

Another difference is that, without daylight, one's senses other than sight seem to be more attuned to the feel of the water. To the sound it makes. The smell of the ocean air or the pool's chlorine.

Skinny dipping in daylight is different. You have the warm sun on your body. And, yes, you see the others you're swimming in the buff with.  This changes the dynamic.

We're not describing these differences as significant for long-time nudists as for those experiencing naked swims during one of their first times.

There are differences between taking the plunge in an outdoor pool versus an indoor one, though it's tough to explain.

Wherever and however you experienced it, we hope your earliest memories of swimming in the buff are good ones.