Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Does eHarmony Say About Nudists?

When you maintain a blog as long as the Platypus has been doing you take topics as you find them at times so that you always have stuff to write about.

Anyhow, in our part of the country the dating website eHarmony has ramped up advertising lately. Maybe it's a New Year's resolution market they're going after like the quit smoking and weight loss plans. You know, things to do in 2014... find a mate. That sort of thing. Or maybe people get lonely over holidays and ponder the dating decision.

So it is that eHarmony is running ads with the "This could be an everlasting love" soundtrack. The voice over says that more than 560, 000 people have married people they met on the site since it began. Wow. More than half a million marriages. Not dates. We're talking "I do's."

That got the Platypus wondering if any of the marriages were of nudists and whether any nudists who met a non nudist on site talked them into it.  We'll preface by saying we have been married a long time.  Married before the web was in most households. So we don't know much of online dating.  We do know about sites like and nudist clubhouse and the personal section of the AANR bulletin... though we haven't needed to use them given the aforementioned marriage.

We're just wondering whether the 29 computerized compatability factors they talk about on the ads include a penchant for shucking off clothing. We have read about the site's ties to the Christian faith (which happens to be our faith too) but also about the site's past non-option for gay and lesbian visitors.

Out of curiosity, we Googled the words "eHarmony" and "nudist" and it appears that most search results described a woman being matched to a nudist man even if she didn't want to be...  But no word on whether any nudists found a soulmate and got married to someone via a match from there.

We're interested inhearing from you about your story, whether it involves eHarmony or elsewhere. If it led to nudists tying the knot, congratulations are in order.