Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Favorite Place in Your Home to be Naked

This evening as the Platypus sat down to write today's post, he got to thinking about how awesome Saturdays are.  It's the weekend, and it's the day our household gets to spend the most time bare.  Sundays are often filled with church, visiting people, and other things. But Saturdays involve a good bit of time in the birthday suit.

That, in turn, led to thinking about the favorite place to spend time naked at home... and that's not simple to answer. When it comes to the amount of time spent naked, it's the bedroom.. The Platypus sleeps naked so that's about eight hours a day or more naked in that room.  Outdoors is great, of course, but we don't have a full non-offense fence...just a screen, which must be set up. And going naked outside doesn't make much sense during cold weather.

The bathtub is perfect for a relaxing soak.  The tv den is good for snuggling under a blanket while otherwise naked to watch a good show or movie.

But of all the places the Platypus most likes to enjoy in the nude, it may be sitting at the kitchen table.  A nice cup of coffee.  Reading a daily devotional.... Even typing this entry happen right at this table.  The day starts and ends here, you could say. Starting and ending on a "naked note" makes the day just a bit better too.

How about you? Favorite place to enjoy while "natural" at home is?...