Monday, January 27, 2014

Enjoy a Nice Soak Today

Your mission.... should you choose to accept it... is to fill the family tub with some nice warm water.  Light a couple candles.  Keep a cool glass of water or other beverage at hand.

Then get naked if you'e not already.  Climb into that tub.

And soak.  Don't even try to think about anything.

Just soak.  And sip your beverage.

Relax.  Become calm.  Enjoy how great it is to be bare.

Don't fall asleep!

But DO enjoy.  Eventually you can climb out. Let the water drain from the tub.  But remain peaceful, at ease, and naked.

Forget that it's winter.  Forget everything except how great it is to not be wearing clothes at the moment.

You're tefreshed and ready to take on your corner of the world again.


Aren't you glad you're a nudist?