Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking to Super Bowl Sunday With a Sigh

It's that time of year when folks gather around their television sets to watch the big game that will determine the champions of the National Football League.

Some nudist groups hold events in their clubhouses and that's a great way to experience the game sans clothes. Others among you may enjoy being bare at home as you watch. Still others will be clothed at parties where there's good food and good company, even if you must wear a team jersey instead of your birthday suit.

Superbowl is usually bittersweet for the Platypus. On one hand, we're reminded of the incredibly stupid episode years ago when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were involved in a "wardrobe malfunction" that exposed a portion of one of Ms. Jackson's breasts for a millisecond on broadcast television. That sparked public "outrage,"  coupled with cries that we should "think of the children" traumatized by seeing a bit of what babies are fed with, and calls for new legislation to deal with this menace.

Never had we been so disappointed that the public could be whipped into a frenzy by such a non-event.

On the other hand, there have been examples over the years of nudity in commercials and not all of it risque, either. We remember that Pepsi debuted Pepsi Clear with a naked pint-sized person reaching up to the sky as if to grasp the cold beverage and the essence of nature itself. We also remember humorous scenes set on a nude beach for some product or another (Corona beer?)

Since advertisers air their best efforts during this event, we can only assume they do some hefty market research and focus groups before doing so. If nude themes can pass their screening, maybe there's some hope.

We'll watch with optimism... and trepidation.