Sunday, January 26, 2014

Housework in the Nude

We just wrapped up reporting the results of the Platypus Poll about who goes naked most at home. One of the reasons that the guys bare more at Casa de Platypus is that it makes a lot of our chores easier and more enjoyable. This is certainly true for any chore that involves water.

Doing dishes naked has a lot less "risk" associated with a soapy splash from a pot or pan that hits the water too hard.  Just wipe yourself dry with your towel when the chore's finished. Time passes more quickly too... If you have to stand there scrubbing pans and glassware, may as well stand there naked.

Mopping floors is another activity with less "fallout" when you're not wearing any clothes.

Ditto for cleaning bathroom tiles, surfaces, or scouring tubs and toilets.

Dusting shelves?  Running a vacum and changing out dirt filled bags?  Filling and emptying a steam cleaner on the carpet? Self cleanup is as easy as a hop in the shower and there are no clothes to be laundered afterwards.

Speaking of laundry...There's less when folks go naked, but even doing the laundry that must be done gets a little better when you're bare. It feels great to fold warm towels. And, if you've gotta stand there folding anything, may as well get to stand there naked, right?

Because such tasks are shared equally among members of the Platypus team, but the guys want to get them over and done with, maybe we defer to our natural state more often.

Come to think  of it, ladies, if you wish the men in your life would help out with such things more often, perhaps you should consider turning your household into a nudist one!

There is, however, one unwritten rule at the Platypus Plantation that we won't ask anyone who is naked at the time to go through the extra step of putting on clothes to go outside and complete a task unless absolutely necessary.

So one is less likely to be "drafted" to take out a bag of trash to the curb, or to bring in groceries from the car, if one is au naturale when the need occurs. Maybe our male puggles have learned this more quickly.

Our adult nephew who's a "border" here but not yet a nudist has not seemed to learn it, however.