Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Celebrate With Naked Time

The Platypus just finished an intensive project at work. The usual: deadlines, some mildly intensive pressure to avoid mistakes... and coworkers to thank and get along with.. not to mention some interuptions to overcome.

With it finished, along with the end of the day, there's a few ways we could celebrate.  Have a beer or two at a watering hole. Go out to dinner with family. Take in a movie. Or go buy something.

Problem is, all those things can cost you money and hit your wallet. The restaurant fare can hit your waistline if you're not careful. So can the brews and driving after one too many will land you in trouble.

One solution is to celebrate by going home ( or to a good friend's ) and stripping to the buff. Perfect way to enjoy something special and end your day.

The Platypus is celebrating right now. Hope you can celebrate too. Cheers!