Monday, February 3, 2014

Bare Destiny

This may be too philosophical for a Monday night after just getting home from the beginning of a workweek. But here goes:

Have you ever wondered if maybe you were destined to be a nudist?

Maybe you were born into a nudist family. ( yes, we were all born naked too ).

Maybe you married a nudist.

Maybe you were hooked after your first skinny dip.

Maybe you heard a nudist joke but, instead of laughing said, "hey I want to do that!"

Maybe you kicked your pajamas off during sleep.

Maybe you couldn't put down the nudist magazine you found..

Or found yourself typing ' nudist camp'  into Google to see what you'd find.

Perhaps you read about Adam and Eve in the Bible and wish they'd never reached for the fig leaves.

But however you came to it, did you somehow ALWAYS know you'd end up where you are... a nudist who loves being naked?

Call it Platypus destiny. Or bare destiny. But we knew.

We always did.