Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog... er...Platypus Day

Sure, today is Super bowl sunday. But it is also Groundhog day... especially in Punxatawny Pennsylvania when the town's mascot Phil comes out  ( or is pulled out ) of his den to see if the critter sees his shadow.  When he sees it (and returns to his burrow in fright ) we're supposed to have six more weeks of winter.  When he doesn ' t, winter is supposed to end earlier.

From what we understand, today Phil saw his shadow, so there's to be more weeks of chill.

that's why we're proposing Platypus Day. If the Platypus awakes and is in his birthday suit, we'll have six more weeks of nudity indoors, followed by weeks of nudity outdoors in the months to come.  Don't worry.  The Platypus did.  You can be naked.

Of course you could be naked even without Platypus Day (or Naked Day ) on the first of each month.  But if this gives you  the green light to strip off, consider the light green.