Monday, October 21, 2013

The Challenge Grows?

As the Bare Platypus has noted before,  we live South of the Mason-Dixon line.  It's still warm here and,  when you travel four hours further South, it's warm enough to visit the beach.  So it was that mom and dad Platypus found ourselves accompanying a certain youth organization for some nearly on-the-beach camping.  We also did some pier fishing.

Guess what we observed among most beach patrons?

Girls or guys, young or old, not many people show skin at the beach.  And by that we mean bare chests on guys. Swimwear on ladies. Nary a bikini in sight. Far more likely the beachgoer is sporting long cargo shorts and an oversized t-shirt.

Body concious? Sun concious? Dunno.

Oh there were exceptions to be sure, though not a single Speedo.  A few brave souls bared a hairy chest, but not many.

We do so many nudist destinations that we hadn't been to a textile beach in a long time. A lot has changed.  It's a lot more textile.

Maybe this trip was an anomaly and the beach crowd just happened to cover up more by chance.   Is our experience typical? If so we see doom. And hope.  On one hand, with everyone covered up it may be harder to convince people to bare.  (We didn't see a bare butt even on a baby. )  Yet when we finally DO get them naked they're really going to appreciate how good it feels!

Still,  we can't help feeling a bit dissapointed that a great coverup is in progress.